October 11, 2010


This past Saturday was the big event... Kulture Klash 6. I was happy to participate... it was a great opportunity for a LOT of people to experience a LOT of work in a SHORT amount of time. It was an excuse to make something. I would've liked to do something bigger and with more of a punch, but considering the time limitations, I'm happy with what I came up with. My installation was the first thing you saw upon entering... and people were passing through it all evening. It had a good run. Now it's all rolled up in the back seat of my car. Time to make something new.

made of welded steel wire, saran wrap, and fiberglass insulation


  1. the pictures look really great!

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  3. suggestion: how it sits. let that waxywaxy oooooze.
    triumphal arches(esp in trios) captivate, floors lead inherently,, like red carpets.

    floor crust if we're talking ears.

    dont stop that big love

  4. it's a fascinating installation. well done, and in such a short period of time! i'm sorry to have missed the big event. (i intended to go, but after a hectic work day and travel earlier in the week, i gave it a miss.)
    but i look forward to seeing your work in future exhibits around town! keep me posted, ok?