July 30, 2010

crane action

Earlier this week we fired up the crane and attached the top piece of my sculpture. A very exciting event, indeed.

a special thanks to John Hock (artistic director), Bobby Zokaites (park manager), and Tom Streit (fellow intern) for all of their gracious assistance

and the journey continues... only 2 weeks left!


  1. whoa. awesome, as in "full of awe." can't wait to see final picutres--is it going to be installed somewhere else?

  2. it's really neat to see the technical side of your process!

  3. Nice to see that the flip-over of the top section with the crane went as planned. You must be thrilled that it is all coming together. I'm back home now, spending more time on the two wheels with no engine which is the one thing I miss most during trips.

    Good luck!
    George (the photographer)