June 3, 2010

Situation Destination... a work in progress

Installation the past two days has been absolutely fantastic. It's been so rewarding getting to install in such a public space that just happens to be teeming with inquiring minds... I could go on an on... but I'm going to save that for another post ;)

My dad was in town to help me these past few days... while I was entirely engrossed in my work and unaware of his presence he happened to snap a few photos of me hard at work in the studio.

me with my model (ok, I was aware of his presence for this one)

making the very last weld

cutting apart the armature into 12 pieces (so I could get it through the door)

dirty booty...

So... I'm off to the library for one final round! I've just got to add some finishing touches and the piece will be complete!

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